Before your journey on the Walk of Time in Search of Elk please click this link for music by Colin Huggins ( You can listen to the music while searching for the Elks at the Grand Canyon.

I spent a couple of days at the Grand Canyon. Truly the most beautiful place on earth.

Start off by clicking on the piano to go to the page to start Colin Huggin’s music. This will help guide you through your tour. Along the way click on the icons for photos.

Dates and miles:
02162013 4.6 miles
02172013 5 miles

I created this map of Grand Canyon for my nephew, Tillman and my Dad, and for anyone who loves the beauty of the most amazing place on Earth. I turned the map into a children’s book which was privately printed for my nephew. I have plans to reprint it professionally.

I had the pleasure of hiking the Grand Canyon for years – I am truly enamored with the beauty, sounds, and scents of the most amazing place on earth. I thank Kim and Mike Buchheit and my brother, Tom for teaching to hike and enjoy.