Big to New Review

New Approach to Shifting Mindsets

New to Big Kidder Wallace Book ReviewA review of David Kidder and Christina Wallace’s “New to Big”.

The velocity of change is so intense that most corporations struggle to adapt. As a consultant, I had at times difficulty getting my corporate clients to think differently. They would often cling to the safety in staying in a comfort zone, while their attitudes limit the corporation’s growth. New to Big delivers a unique approach to invigorate, shift outdated mindsets, and deal with the fear of risk.  Kidder and Wallace designed contrivances that cultivate and transform careful inflexible mindsets into entrepreneurial thinkers that courageously take new discoveries to opportunities. This shift in culture creates a learning environment that is supportive of failure, ambiguity and of trying something new or different. Chapter 8 provides a valuable guide in learning to screen the team for Growth OS traits. These characteristics help us to understand and identify natural entrepreneurial aptitudes in people who are needed to break through barriers of old thinking.

I found the New to Big method refreshing and will put it to work to help my clients get out of status quo thinking. I bought the hardcover book to make notes while listening to the Audible version of Christina Wallace’s clear articulation and passionate narration of New to Big.

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Photo credit: Samuel Zeller (Black and white photo).