The Battle Cry: Get Your House in Order

The Battle Cry: Get Your House in OrderA review of Mike Godwin’s “The Splinters of Our Discontent: How to fix social media and democracy without breaking them”.

The Splinters of Our Discontent is the calm before the storm. As a researcher, communication strategist and tech marketer I was stunned at how much I needed to learn about what could happen if I keep my head buried in the sand when it comes to mass media, freedom of speech, and the dissemination of disinformation. Godwin often makes ambiguous legal terms clear by exploring patterns in communication over history thoughtfully, thoroughly and carefully. I learned so much, and I have so much more to learn about where communication strategies can fall short and the devastation that can hurt a business or brand. Godwin’s book is a must read if you value strategy and understand the need for getting your house in order to weather the storm and coming war that could change the way we communicate.

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