Books by Tery Spataro the other side of the box, In Search of Elk, Laundrygate V1, Flower Opera, Re-imaging the In Store Digital Experience


I started Truth & Strength Publishing in 2020. The focus of my publishing company is on creative content including photo books, picture books, science fiction stories, and books supported by research. I have several books in the works.

2021 Flower Opera. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

Flower Opera takes you on a journey to inspire your senses, open your mind, and heal your heart.
Imagine a flower that sings an aria or buds that resemble the splendor of a famous libretto.
Flower Opera is a creative photobook conveying the imagery of flowers to beautiful operas.

 I created the Flower Opera playlist to share the magic and inspirational experience of sound and sight.

2021 In Search of Elk. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

In Search of Elk is a short easy to read, action-adventure, nature-loving story about finding Elk at the Grand Canyon. In Search of Elk is a photo book that highlights mysterious places at the Grand Canyon National Park where the Elk hide. An excellent read-aloud book for young readers and delightful for any audience appreciating the beauty of the nature of Grand Canyon National Park. Children will enjoy exploring the fun photographs and begging for a Grand Canyon adventure after reading In Search of Elk.

2020 Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future. Tery Spataro, Truth&Strength Publishing.

Laundrygate, Strange Stories About the Future, is an unusual collection of short stories about the unimagined consequences of technology and the creation of new realities. Tery Spataro dreams up these wild, surreal tales and envisions the outcomes brought about by technological change, human curiosity, and imagines posthumanism worlds.


Authored by Tery Spataro through other publishers.

2014 Reimagining the In-Store Digital Retail Experience. Smart Insights. E-Book.

Digital technologies inspired new visions for the future of stimulating engagement with retail customers while helping customers move along their purchasing journey.

2010 The Other Side of the Box. LuLu. Book

The quantum world of Erwin Schrödinger brought to life Schrödinger’s Cat, a Thought Experiment; “The Other Side of the Box” Imagines what the Cat is thinking and what you may See.